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ABOUT US: Our Mission

Save the Trees of Grant Park began as an advocacy effort to speak for NEARLY 400 TREES which were marked for destruction under multiple development plans within the park.  Through this effort we learned that there was no organization serving to protect the trees or the public space within the park. .

Save the Trees of Grant Park, Inc. serves to educate neighbors and surrounding communities, as well as the broader public about the importance of Grant Park’s trees and ecosystems.  We will also ensure that the public is fully informed of any changes that may threaten the trees or the public spaces within the park. 

We are committed to protecting Grant Park, Atlanta’s oldest city park, as a public park, deeded to the city of Atlanta by L.P. Grant and designed by the guiding principles of the city’s Master Plan for Grant Park.


We will hold accountable any individual or entity that threatens Grant Park’s trees, historic nature, and public park use, employing the legal system, the media, and active engagement.

Save the Trees of Grant Park, Inc. is a registered nonprofit in the State of Georgia. We have applied for status with the IRS as a charitable organization under section 501(c)(3).

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