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The Settlement Agreement and Release between the Petitioners and the City of Atlanta dated December 21, 2017.

The feasibility study referenced in the City Council Resolution 16R3832 that informed the parking and mobility needs of Grant Park warranting the proposed 1,000 car parking deck.  The mayor also referenced this study during this public reveal of the Gateway project in April 2017.

The tree removal will result in 10% of the public park’s tree canopy (387/4000 trees) being removed. Over 250 are healthy, non-invasive trees. 131 healthy trees are being removed for a parking deck, and 125 for zoo expansion. In both cases, trees could be preserved through design revisions. 

The deed formalizing the gift of Grant Park to the City of Atlanta that Grant Park "shall not be used for any other purpose inconsistent with its use as a public park."

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