Save the Trees of Grant Park is a grassroots coalition in the City of Atlanta. 

The original deed for Grant Park preserves the land for use as a public park in perpetuity. Its trees are part of the soul and lungs of our city. We feel passionately about these trees, and we know others do, too. Let’s find a way to protect them.
  • Advocate for Grant Park's tree canopy,
  • Educate the broader public about the importance of Atlanta’s tree canopy and the threat unconstrained development poses to our oldest city park and our quality of life.
  • Amplify voices who share similar goals or haven’t had an opportunity to be heard.
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The draft of the new ordinance misses several key things.


Most alarming is the City's proposal to do away with the orange/yellow sign postings and all appeal options of proposed tree removals. Eliminating both the posting and the appeals process brings the entire permitting process behind closed doors. The first time the public is aware that a tree cutting permit has been issued is after the trees are down.

Also, there is no apparent protection of trees offered for Atlanta's single family residential neighborhoods — where 77% of Atlanta's tree canopy resides — unless the property is in a stream buffer or contains "high value trees," a presently undefined term that likely iwon't be legally enforceable. Furthermore, the City will allow a "free and easy" permit to remove one "non-high value" tree a year.

There is no data being used to demonstrate how the proposals will enable the City to retain the canopy that remains today, much less to achieve its 50% canopy goal. It appears that the recommendations in the draft outline are politically driven to satisfy certain constituents versus data-driven to save Atlanta's tree canopy for the benefit of all.

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